Free Dale Earnhardt, Sr.. Crochet Patterns

Crocheted Pig Pattern #4 - Piggy Bank: This is a fun crochet job that turns a coffee can into a genuine piggy bank. Creating your child a piggy bank like this is a great way to encourage them to save money. To find a photo of the crocheted pig and to print out the free pattern instructions click here.

Suncatcher Eyes is another online site that provides free crochet patterns of amigurumi. This link to Dudley the Bird, is only Best Crochet Pattern one of the numerous doll and animal patterns they offer. The skill level isn’t indicated for Dudley however you can speak to the designer if you get stuck. Suncatchers Eyes also sells many different plastic eyes for use in several craft projects.

Technically, crocheting involves a couple of tools, inexpensive materials and a pattern. Crochet patterns can vary from the simple and traditional, to the complex and detailed. There are many crochet patterns available on the current market, and many free crochet patterns to be found on the Internet.

This website has a free crochet pattern for a beautiful winter snow outfit. This outfit includes a snow coat, snow pants, hat and mittens for 18 inch dolls.

Traditionally, the amigurumi style will have a massive head and circular body. Just about anything can be used for the filling, from polyester fiberfill to rice or beans. Details like the eyes are often made with buttons, felt or beads. The amigurumi toys are definitely fun to make. To get you started, here are five sites that have some great patterns for you to work on. Some will need to be purchased but most of the ones I’ve chosen here are free.

Free Snake crochet pattern #5 - Silly Snake: This snake is known as a silly snake, but it sort of seems like a hippie snake due to the flower power he has going on all over his body. This is in fact a pretty snake and it would look great in bright colors such as yellow or pink for a little girl. To print the free directions for the Silly Snake click here.

Additionally, it takes a bit longer to upload your link because you need to fill in additional details regarding your pattern, such as the material required, the finished measurement along with other information that you might want to share. All forms must be answered or at least contain some content in order for the link to upload. If any form is left blank, the connection won’t upload. So if you find some patterns which have an entire collection of hyperlinks pointing to the exact same page, you will know why.